Octo Products Case Studies

The following case studies represent real solutions and actual customer experiences with OctoTools, OctoPDF, OctoBurst, and OctoPCL. OctoTools has replaced the other products but the savings and productivity using OctoTools would be equivalent or higher. The productivity gains and savings shown in any specific case study would be applicable across all of our product lines. We have put together these case studies in hopes of providing a specific solution for you.

If you would like to pursue a specific case study further, please call us and we would be glad to provide additional information. There are many variations and combinations in which our packages can provide solutions. We feel that the cases studies will get your imagination going and how we can quickly solve your problems.

Case Studies

  1. Create Intranet Accessible Reports from Mainframe Without User Intervention  (PDF)
  2. Convert As400 Reports to PDF, Without Loss of Formatting  (PDF)
  3. Eliminate Printing and Movement of Medium-Large Volumes of Paper  (PDF)
  4. Eliminate Expensive Outside Microfiche and Cold Services  (PDF)
  5. Dynamically Adding Images to Document  (PDF)
  6. A Growing Point S Tire Retailer & Service Group with 10 Locations Automates Complex Checks and Statements, Reducing Labor and Costly Pre-Printed Forms  (PDF)
  7. Growing Manufacturing Company Automates MANMAN On-Demand Output, Reducing Staff Tasks and Departmental Costs for Pre-Printed Forms  (PDF)
  8. Provide Low Cost Report Archiving and Web Access for Karmak® Reports  (PDF)
  9. Splitting of Crystal Reports, Peak Concurrent Access by 1,000 + Users  (PDF)
  10. Convert OS/390 Reports to PDF for Indexing and Storage Without User Intervention  (PDF)
  11. Convert Reports Automatically from a UNIX Based System  (PDF)
  12. Month-end Print Volume on an AS/400 Overwhelms Electronics Manufacturer  (PDF)
  13. Convert Non-Standard Archive Documents into Internet Viewable Files  (PDF)
  14. Printers Unavailable Due to Anthrax Crisis  (PDF)
  15. Mandatory and Unattended Archival Backup of Financial Data from an AS/400 System
  16. Credit Union Automatically Archives 2.5 Million Pages from an AS/400 System
  17. Reports made accessible to hundreds within WebSphere environment on AS/400
  18. Access to customer invoices reduced from 10 Minutes to 2 Seconds  (PDF)
  19. Condo Manager Takes iSeries Preprinted Forms Printing In-House  (PDF)
  20. Alaska's Department of Labor improves report delivery and saves $3,200 a month
  21. Travel Agency Improves Customer Satisfaction, Reduces Costs and Goes Greener  (PDF)
  22. Infor 10 ERP Business (Syteline)- Eliminate multipart forms and preprinted checks  (PDF)
  23. Automobile Dealer Save 36 Hours and a Case of Paper for ADP Journals and General Ledger  (PDF)
  24. Insurance Company Eliminates Mailing Policies to Agents Using OctoTools™ PDF Extract  (PDF)

Replace Multipart Forms
Save thousands of dollars per day in paper, supplies, and overhead costs...
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