Convert Reports Automatically from a UNIX Based System

Case Study 11


A large financial firm was receiving hundreds of reports daily from their banking Applications Service Provider (ASP). The SEC requires the reports to be stored for many years. Therefore, the client needed an easy way to store and retrieve the reports being sent by a Unix server.


The ASP was set up to send the reports (via Unix remote printer - LPR) to RPM running as an LPD under Windows. When a report was received, RPM would pass it to OctoPDF for conversion. OctoPDF converted them to PDF placing them in a user defined directory structure. The reports were made available via the companies Intranet. Multiple queues were used where reports had differing characteristics.

Typical Applications:

  • Stock exception reporting, large funds transfers
  • General Ledger Reports, Fixed Assets and other financial reports
  • Payroll

Products Required: OctoPDF™, OctoBurst™, RPM Remote Print Manager®

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