Mandatory & Unattended Archival Backup of
Financial Data from an AS/400 System

Case Study 15


This user is in the business of providing financial asset reports to municipal and state governments. These reports are typically 38,000 pages long and approximately 50 reports are run throughout the year. The reports are generated on an IBM AS/400 and a backup or archival copy is mandatory. Portability was considered a primary requirement due to the number of different client systems the report would be sent to as well as their different operating systems and applications. Because of its size, the report is cumbersome to search therefore bursting on logical break points would be needed to provide a more manageable size.


RPM Remote Print Manager Select was used to receive data from the AS/400 and pass it on to the OctoPDF and OctoBurst software. The reports were converted automatically into a PDF format using OctoPDF for archiving to disk and CD-ROM. The PDF format provided the easy portability required by their clients allowing universal viewing across the many platforms used. Using OctoBurst™, the report was then broken down into smaller sections for each state and municipal government client. Small reports were easily emailed directly whereas the larger reports were backed up onto CD-ROM for the clients. All these processes are run automatically and unattended on a local widows based server.

Typical Applications:

  • Automatic Report Archiving
  • Unattended Report Bursting

Products Required: OctoPDF™, OctoBurst™, RPM Remote Print Manager®

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