Eliminate Expensive Outside Microfiche and Cold Services

Case Study 4


A major retail chain was spending over $100,000 per year at a leading microfiche vendor to archive their reports. This was too expensive and the turnaround was also too long. The customer was running OS/390 and sending tapes to the fiche vendor. The user was concerned about meeting end of month and Christmas peaks where the work must still be completed overnight. There was concern about the largest print job which was upwards of 30,000 pages. The customer was connected to an OS/390 server being operated by a service provider; mainframe cpu and disk usage was costly.


The OS/390 system was running IPPrintway, which allowed our client to receive their reports over the TCP/IP normal communications line. The customer installed RPM and OctoPDF to convert the reports to PDF and store them in the appropriate directories. The reports were available on their Intranet within minutes of being sent. The client is starting off with one Windows pc, but can easily add another system to scale the workloads. Many reports have to be archived; JES2 and IPPrintway can support multiple output devices.

Estimated Savings

Our user expects that they will eliminate using the outside service bureau saving about $100,000 per year.

The software costs for RPM Select, OctoPDF and 15 months maintenance is $968.

Typical Applications:

  • Invoices
  • Banking
  • Purchase Orders

Products Required: OctoPDF™ and RPM Remote Print Manager®

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