Month-end Print Volume on an AS/400
Overwhelms Electronics Manufacturer

Case Study 12


A subsidiary of a well-known electronics manufacturer had a problem, that they were printing 75,000-100,000 pages per month on their AS/400. Much of the work was at the beginning of the month "Two people would work for three days straight, physically ripping apart the reports and trying to get them all separated and distributed around the country."


OctoPDF™ and RPM® were installed on a Windows system. The AS/400 queues were changed to point to OctoPDF, which would automatically load the reports into certain directories that users could access off a file server. The administrator augmented his RPM-OctoPDF setup with a report-building tool called Monarch, distributed by a company called Datawatch. This allows users to do even more with the reports such as load pieces of data into Microsoft Excel spreadsheets.

Prior to RPM and OctoPDF, employees would get stacks of paper which would end up filed away in a cabinet. With the implementation of RPM and OctoPDF, the administrator said, "…they can just look at the pages they want and print them if they want to. They love it, we've gotten rave reviews the first couple of months and now they can actually use these reports. Originally end of month processing took three days with two people. After converting to OctoPDF the processing took 3 hours".

Typical Applications:

  • Sales Reports
  • Hardware maintenance reports
  • General Ledger Reports, Fixed Assets and other financial reports
  • Payroll

Products Required: OctoPDF™ and RPM Remote Print Manager®

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