Provide Low Cost Report Archiving and Web Access
for Karmak® Reports

Case Study 8


Our customer, the company comptroller, wanted to automate the repetitive conversion of required reports to PDF for retrieval of his Intranet. He also wanted to send specific reports to staff members as well as his truck and parts supplier.

The customer is running the Karmak Business System, which is an ERP for the trucking industry. The software runs under OpenVMS on an Alpha.

As the comptroller, he wanted to keep expenses to a minimum. The Karmak solution cost about $8,000.


OctoPDF and RPM were installed on a "recycled" 500 Mhz NT workstation and were running very quickly. The customer has stated that "OctoPDF could provide access to more reports than the Karmak COLD module".


The software costs for RPM Select, OctoPDF and 15 months maintenance is $968.

Typical Applications:

Other customers are successfully running OctoPDF with these ERP systems
  • SAP®
  • Banner® by SCT

Products Required: OctoPDF™ and RPM Remote Print Manager®

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