Create Intranet Accessible Reports from a Mainframe,
Without User Intervention

Case Study 1


Large reports have too much sensitive data to allow access by any department or individual. A report must be burst (split) by business grouping where security rules for viewing and or email distribution can be applied.


RPM™ will receive mainframe output from an OS/390 using VPS/TCPIP or IBM's IPPrintway, or an AS/400 and pass it to OctoPDF™ and OctoBurst™. OctoBurst will split the reports by user defined "control breaks" and OctoPDF™ will convert them to PDF placing them in a user defined directory structure. The reports are immediately available by having the IIS web server point to the report directory. Security is implemented by mapping files into secure directories or a user security interface.

Typical Applications:

  • Splitting and archiving General Ledger Reports, Fixed Assets and other financial reports
  • Splitting and emailing commission reports
  • A banking client desired to split large trust reports by portfolio manager

Products Required: OctoPDF, OctoBurst, RPM Remote Print Manager

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