Convert Non-Standard Archive Documents
into Internet Viewable Files

Case Study 13


An Internet provider's client required over a thousand older E-Fax (.efx) files to be viewable over the Internet. He also specified that except for the file extension, the filename, directory structure, creation date, and last modified date must be unchanged. He needed the new files within 24 hours.


Convert the files to PDF which provides universal viewing across all Internet based platforms without any viewers or non-standard software. The user sent JBM Systems, Inc a sample which was converted within 30 minutes utilizing a modified version of OctoPDF and a VB program. The customer was pleased and provided sent the entire 1050 files. JBM Systems converted all of the files overnight and delivered them by start of business the next morning.

Typical Applications:

  • Conversion of almost any type of document TIFF, FAX, JPG, DOC, RTF including special requirements for emailing, bursting, encrypting and custom file issues.

Products Required: None, conversions were done in house as a turn-key service.

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