Protecting your privacy is important to us. We hope the following statement will help you understand how JBM Systems, Inc. collects, uses, and safeguards the personal information you provide to us.

Information we collect online

As a commercial enterprise, we have interest in two broad categories of information:

How you came to our site. Examples include:

  • Web search, which keywords were used
  • Link from a partner site
  • Link from an online directory
  • URL included in a print advertisement

This information is used offline for analysis. We do not rank or grade visitors or prevent access based on the way they come to our site.

If you download a trial version of products

We want to contact you for a follow-up. The information we collect is whatever you enter in the form on the download page plus the following:

  • The site on which the download form is found, that is, either a partner site or our site
  • The information captured in #1 (if any) based on your IP address

Site Features

The following are some common site features that we do not provide:

  • We do not currently offer a chat area or bulletin board; we may in the future for technical support

The only information we collect that you do not voluntarily provide is explained in #1 above.

Cookie usage

We currently do NOT use cookies.

Credit Card Information

All data associated with a credit card transaction is encrypted and sent via secure transaction to our credit card processing agency. Credit card data is never saved after the transaction is accepted.

In those instances where the credit card number is retained as part of the order record, only the last four digits are preserved in plain text form.

Data Security

In order to prevent unauthorized access and inappropriate use both inside and outside the company, we protect all data (including but not limited to credit card data) by physical and electronic methods and managerial procedures.

How information is used or shared

As stated in the section "Information we collect online," we collect two categories of information: data that helps us understand how you came to our site (if available) and data you provide at the time of download, either on our site or a partner site.

How is the information used?

Let's call the information categories origin and download.

Origin information is stored , indexed by the hostname or IP address of your client machine.

Download information is combined with origin information (if any) in our Customer Relation Management system (CRM) for tracking, follow-up, and analysis.

Follow-up In order to provide superior customer service, we may use the origin and/or download information to contact a downloader or visitor

How is the information shared?

Origin information is not shared.

Download information is selectively shared in some instances. The criteria we use to determine whether to forward this information to a partner are as follows: (a) in certain regions outside the United States, where we have an established partner with a long history of trust and confidentiality, and satisfactory customer relations, and (b) where language and/or time zone differences make it inconvenient for the customer to have timely interaction from us during their normal business hours, we typically forward the download information.

Please note that we do not sell leads, and that we only provide leads to those who can service the customer more effectively than we can.

Your information and marketing

  1. Since we don't sell or market your information, no choices in that regard are necessary.
  2. We would like to contact you regarding the software you downloaded. You may choose not to provide information we can use for follow up; in that case you won't hear from us and we won't forward the information to a partner (if applicable).
  3. If you ask us not to contact you in the future, we won't.

Questions about your information

You may direct any inquires regarding the information we have collected, including changes or a request to be removed, to the sales representative who contacted you after you downloaded, or via email to Sales.

We do not have a guaranteed completion time for information requests. Please allow one complete business day before you contact us for confirmation, if you have not heard from us.

Updates to this privacy statement

This privacy statement, and future revisions to the statement, are the result of discussions and consensus among JBM Systems's management and other interested parties in the company.

Changes will appear in a new version of the document, posted online and available through links on our web site.

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