A Growing Point S Tire & Service Retail Group with 10 Locations Automates Complex Checks & Statements, Reducing Labor and Costly
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Case Study 6


A tire and service retailer with 10 locations in the Northwestern United States recently became a member of the Point S Group,who are independent tire dealers joined for centralized, cooperative buying, creating one of the fastest growing tire retail organizations in North America. The retailer was running ASA Automotive Systems' TIREMASTER software which provides a robust set of point-of-sale (POS), inventory-management, and accounts-receivable tools.

How Workflow Was Processed Before OctoTools:
Costly Challenges:

The company was using a Tally Genicom printer with a C-Flash Memory capability to create forms. However, to utilize this printer required very time-consuming and specialized coding for another Variable Data Print Package. The printer was aged and dying, and the retailer was given a very high quote for alternative solutions. The Kyocera printer used for processing Statements for all 10 locations, was also aged & dying. Numerous break-downs and outages forced the owner promptly to review options.

How Workflow Improved Using OctoTools Now:
Greater Flexibility:

OctoTools installed at the corporate headquarters of this Point S Tire & Services Retail Group resides on a Windows server to focus exclusively on processing all Checks and Statements centrally. Processing up to 6,600 Statements monthly for the Commercial Revolving Accounts and Fleet Customers is now simple. Logos and unique names/addresses, for all ten store locations, are automatically printed based on store ID number. A standard Xerox copier handles output printing. Since OctoTools is "printer agnostic," being output independent, any job can switch quickly to any other printer or copier in the office, in the event of an outage.

For Checks, each location has a different checking account, often using many different banks in the region. All check data is now batched together, swapping "on the fly" each address and account information. A single master form makes the job easily maintained by one trusted employee, automatically running when printed from ASA Tiremaster data. Checks now print on an inexpensive HP-4250 with a MICR ink cartridge. Any printer using an MICR cartridge may serve as a backup.

Invoices continue to be printed by another method currently, but OctoTools has the capability to use email for separate selection of the invoices or sending to all, instead of printing, processing, and mailing them. Moving to email provides significant savings in postage, labor, supplies with a noticeable speed up in cash flow for Accounts/Receivable.

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Typical Applications:

  • Checks
  • Statements
  • Invoices

Products Required: OctoTools™, RPM Remote Print Manager®

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