Travel Agency Improves Customer Satisfaction, Reduces Costs and Goes Greener

Case Study 21


The customer is a travel agency using the Galileo computer reservations system (CRS). We have been using pre-printed form letters that were 4 ply carbon paper for many years. The cost of the paper has been constantly on the rise and the paper looks like something out of the stone age. Customer appearance as a whole was - reserved.


The idea was to create invoices on the fly using a standard 8 ½' x 11" sheet of paper and a standard laser printer to automatically generate invoices with a new look that was cleaner and could be updated to promote changes in market conditions. After weeks of searching for a solution, PlanetPress was presented to us as a solution that would do everything we wanted. At the time, we also wanted to create electronic copies of all the invoices and store them in a document management system - this option is still in the works. PlanetPress® as well as another program - Reform - came with a hefty price tag.

OctoTools™ was found by cross referencing some information about PlanetPress on the Internet and presented itself as a great alternative to this big brand software packages at half the cost. All the features we wanted and needed were found in the software package, as well as PRE-SALES technical support. Not many companies offer you both the option of trying their software as well as getting the technical support to get it all working - free of charge.

Customer and End User Feedback:

We have been running on the software for a little over a week now, and are still fine tuning some extended functionality, but our customers are thrilled with the easier to read itineraries, and we are THRILLED by the tremendous cost savings. We figure that we will be able to pay for the cost of the software package in just over a year. Thanks again for all the tremendous hard work and a great product!

Products Required: OctoTools, RPM Remote Print Manager LPD Server, Acrobat Reader

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