OctoTools Does it All

OctoTools is a document management tool that encompasses Forms Design, Report Formatting, Electronic Distribution, Printing, and Text to PDF conversion. Once set up, OctoTools runs automatically to provide high volume throughput without operator involvement. OctoTools is composed of two main modules; OctoDesigner and OctoToolsRTE (Run Time Engine).

Some samples produced by OctoTools

Type Before & Source After Using OctoTools
Personalize Invoice by Adding Images Based on Variable Data AS/400 Original text Invoice with Customized Image
Invoice with Multiple Fonts and Logo From AS/400 After - Single Using OctoTools
Invoice With All Features From AIX Invoice with Striping
Very Dense Financial Report (Higher Education) Original Input From OS390 Restructured using OctoTools
Check Registers - Same Data Two Ways From UNIX Portrait using OctoTools
Check Registers - Same Data Two Ways From UNIX Landscape with Color Striping
Financial Data From OS/390 After OctoTools
A/P Checks A/P Text A/P Checks
ID Cards ID Cards Text ID Cards

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