OctoTools Designer Enhances Your Text and Data

OctoTools Designer allows you to easily create and enhance the presentation of your text and data. With the implementation of an interactive GUI, you can speed up the design of new forms, emulate and thus replace pre-printed forms, and enhance report output from just about any source. Legacy reports from Unix, Linux, Aix, AS/400, OS/390, OPENVMS, HP3000 and others can be reformatted in a matter of minutes for a fresh modern appearance.

Design your own form without purchasing pre-printed forms

Mapping information to your new form is made easy by incorporating a drag and drop function that keeps track of your line & column source locations. Results are immediately available and viewable to aid in the design process.

Flexible Functionality

GUI based design environment Automatic dynamic text and forms merge
Drag and Drop Text boxes for both dynamic and static text & data placement of all elements A single design template allows output to PDF, PostScript & PCL printers.
Report bursting and drill down with OctoBurst  Design elements include rectangles, ellipses, lines, and picture objects
Selectable line weights, shading, borders, area fills, and colors Determine paper orientation & size, landscape and portrait
Variable opacity of all elements and backgrounds Generate file name based on data in the file (assign to a variable)
Select from any true-type font and size Dynamic line and character position indicator
Color jpg, tiff, gif, bmp, png image import Immediate visual results - Replace greenbar electronically
Text boxes for both dynamic and static text & data objects Seamless integration within PDF creation and report bursting
Add color, stripes, and shading to traditional greenbar & greybar background for increased readability Barcodes including 2 dimensional PDF417
Dynamically include multiple images on a page Add Bookmarks and Hyperlinks
Print MICR checks using laser printers


Static Elements

Static elements such as lines, rectangles, ellipses, boxes, images, and constants can be placed anywhere on your user defined forms template - 8 x 11, A4, legal, and custom sizes are supported.

All form elements can be further refined through the interactive on screen edit window to provide precise placement, font selection and size, element widths and lengths, colors, borders, and object fills.

Dynamic Text

Dynamic text, whether it be a single character or a whole page, is user selected and mapped to the forms template with a simple drag and drop function. OctoTools will seamlessly integrate the dynamic data with the template.

As with static elements, dynamic text can also be precisely placed on the form and further enhanced with background fills; text box border type, color, font selection and size through the on screen edit menus.
Insert Images
Design Elements such as circles & squares
Opaque Background
Drag 'n' Drop Dynamic Text
Create Static Text


Replace Multipart Forms
Save thousands of dollars per day in paper, supplies, and overhead costs...
Eliminate pre-printed and Multi-part Forms... read more on replacing multi-part forms